The Wyatt (Customizable)

The Wyatt (Customizable)


Choose your lid pattern and customize the phrase on the label!

We absolutely adore the work of legendary pattern designer, William Morris. So when we discovered these 750ml clip top jars, we knew we had to use them to create gifts!

We’ve filled them with a selection of chocolate and spa products including: Demerara buttercrunch bars, Belgian chocolate truffles, lip balm, a Frilly Lilly bath bonbon, sparkly chocolate bling pops, a lotion bar, Lindor chocolates, and a Ghirardelli square.

As there is a glass storage jar involved, we had to name it after Jane Wyatt, who played the ultimate 50’s housewife in Father Knows Best.

(pictured pattern: bird & pomegranate)

Jar Lid Pattern:
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