The Gish (Unicorn Mug Basket)

The Gish (Unicorn Mug Basket)


This mug’s a little splish, so we named it after Lillian Gish. Part of our unicorn series, a nearly neon ombre mug reading, “hello lovely” houses the following glittery goodies:

  • Unicorn Lunch bar by Sweetsmith

  • Rainbow Sprinkle Chocolate Pretzel

  • Bath bonbon by Frilly Lilly

  • Dulche de Leche Sandwich Cookie by Coco Karamel

  • Chozen Frozen Salted Caramel Drink (can be enjoyed hot or cold)

This is an experimental basket to test the popularity of some fun, new themes. There is currently only one available. If the unicorn baskets prove popular, we will expand the line. :D

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