The Taylor (Lavender Basket)

The Taylor (Lavender Basket)


This beautiful birdcage (available in two different colours) is filled with lavender products to promote relaxation. Named after Elizabeth Taylor's famous violet eyes.

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Elizabeth Taylor was a renowned beauty due, in large part, to eyes so blue they looked violet. This trait makes her the perfect namesake for a birdcage full of Lavender luxuries: lavender room spray, elegant bath salts, an organic soy massage candle, a lavender and bergamot ‘sweet dreams’ shower bomb, and embroidered sachet (tag includes a strip of handmade seeded paper embedded with Lavender seeds).

The scent of lavender promotes relaxation. For a more restful sleep, a little Lavender can be applied to pillow or sprayed on sheets. It is also immensely effective in relieving headaches.

Tip: Use the lavender sachet in a car, suitcase, drawers, linen closet, shoes, or gym bag.