Corporate Orders

Corporate gifts are diverse; from holiday thank you's to job completion baskets to favours for special events, we have a solution to suit your needs. We can also build custom baskets at discreet price points, and include specialty merchandise/marketing as per your desires. Start a conversation and we'll show you how we can help.

Meetings and PResentations

Who generates your sales? Is your business referral based? Do you have a long-suffering secretary or paralegal that deserves special acknowledgement? Are you looking for a personalized yet affordable way to celebrate staff birthdays?

There are many aspects to building the best gifting strategy for your company. We'd love to help you pinpoint the most important details. Contact us! We'll meet you at your place of work to set up a one time or ongoing strategy.

Industry leaders are those who go the extra miles. Gratitude and client relations are key features in that process. We are available for group presentations on the importance of showing gratitude and creative gift options. These are great for sales teams such as realty offices or financial and insurance groups.