What is a Tea Chest? - Tea Chest Chats, Episode 1

In this first instalment of the Tea Chest Chats, we address the series' most basic question:

What is a Tea Chest?

The phrase tea chest refers to two specific items. The first is the large, wooden boxes used to transport tea. These boxes cam in a variety of sizes, but are most commonly remembered as the small style thrown over during the Boston Tea Party.

The second style of tea chest is a furniture piece that was used throughout Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. When tea first became popular, it was scarce and expensive. Tea ownership was a big deal that was celebrated by displaying it in an ornate box. The key feature of the box was a lock and key because, though it was displayed with pride, it was also distributed with care. Tea was a mark of social standing and was often sipped with company in sitting rooms. The lock protected it from servants and family members who may be tempted to drink it at an unsustainable rate. Some boxes contained compartments for different styles of tea (such as green and black) as well as sugar and other accessories.

For specialty, high end teas, both styles of chests were combined: large, ornate trunks were used to carry exquisite teas as well as silks and other luxury items. There were later repurposed in homes as storage trunks. It is this furniture use that my modern adaptation is derived from. As tea became more affordable, locks were no longer needed and the tea chest fell out of use.

I am very grateful to live in a time where tea is not at all scare. I also love having access to such a wealth of flavours. We've started to add these teas to baskets, but have yet to add them on the website. We'll include links once we do. In the mean time, search 'tea' to see our current selection. The loose leaf teas we've recently brought in include:

When Life Gives You Lemons

Iced Tea Trio: Beach Life, Cherry Berry, Rootbeer

Pyjama Party

Creamy Vanilla Green

Earl Grey Cream

Girl Power Duo: Femme, Exotic Fruit Yerba Mate

Want more tea chest chats? Click this photo!

Want more tea chest chats? Click this photo!