Tea Chest Chats


The time for tea is now! We are pleased to announce that Lemon Made Designs has massively expanded its line of looseleaf teas and tea accessories. To help you learn more about all of the new items, we've put together a video series called Tea Chest Chats.

Videos will be added periodically over the next few months. Please refer to the following list for a tentative schedule. When each video is uploaded, a link will be added to the name on the list.

Tea Chest Chat Schedule

  1. What is a Tea Chest? - Friday July 14, 2017
  2. Root Beer Tea!?! - July
  3. Infuser Mugs - Aug
  4. Girl Power Tea - Aug
  5. Tea Stationary - Sept
  6. Lemons & Honey - Sept
  7. The Tea Tray & Earl Grey - Oct
  8. William Morris - Oct
  9. Pets & Pyjamas - Nov