5 Types of Mothers and What to Get Them


Our business is expanding...by two (baby) feet.

Things are changing over at Lemon Made Designs. Megan's lemon dresses are getting tighter in the belly as she prepares to welcome her first baby boy this August! Our home office HQ has been a hive of preparation. We're working on selling down stock to make room for a nursery. Conversely, we're expanding our range of online baskets to make ordering and production easier for customers and crew. It has always been our goal to create a family friendly business that can be run from home. We're so delighted to see this dream becoming a reality!

All these changes have us growing increasingly excited about parenthood. This experience has helped us more fully appreciate a major truth: there's more than one stage of motherhood. As we look forward to this extra special Mother's Day, we want to make sure that all mom's receive the appreciation they deserve.

Let's explore 5 types of moms and what to gift for each!

The Harlow (Mom to Be)
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1) The Expectant Mother

Growing a tiny human is far more work than it appears! The level of exhaustion that pregnant mothers function through is astounding. Do not forget this incredible woman on Mother's Day simply because her child is still in the womb!

At Lemon Made Designs, we have a whole line of mom-to-be baskets. Some are just for mom, while others include gifts for her little one. We are currently loving the Harlow as it offers a relaxing spa escape. There is pyjama party tea to help mom sleep (which becomes more difficult as that belly grows). On a similar note, we've included a belly bar lotion stick to help reduce stretch marks. A foot soak, soy massage candle, and other pampering treats offer a much needed holiday from the aches and pains of pregnancy.

If you'd like to add something extra to the basket, such as a gift certificate for a prenatal massage (wink๐Ÿ˜‰), let us know in the additional info section when you place your order. We'll be sure to leave the envelope open so you can slip it in.

The Fisher (Matcha & Mug)
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2) The Super Mom

This woman is incredible. She is in the thick of child rearing and running full steam ahead. This mom is everything: the cook, cleaner, chauffeur, butler, playmate, storyteller, discipliner, homework-checker, and on it goes...

No amount of kind gestures and grateful words will ever sufficiently compensate for the loving sacrifices this hero makes daily. But that's all the more reason to ramp up the gratitude for everything this woman does. 

The best gift at this stage is something that represents me time for a woman that gives so much of herself. How does she love to indulge? Chocolate? A movie night? Spa items? Check out our Mother's Day category for some ideas.

We're recommending the Fisher as the caffeine treats (mocha mix, chai tea latte, and organic matcha powder) represent her endless ability to accomplish whereas the chocolate treats encourage her to indulge in some decadence.

The Gardner (Garden & Treats)
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3) The Empty Nester

Whether she's a grandma or simply dreaming of becoming one, mother's day for this woman is much different than it used to be. Gone are the days of breakfast in bed (for better, or worse, depending on her children's age/level of kitchen skills). Distance may make a personal visit impossible. Luckily we live in the miraculous days of video conferencing where there is no excuse for any mom to feel alone and unloved.

This mature momma has done a lot of living and collecting. She doesn't need much, so it's the thought of the gift that really counts. This is a stage of discovery, where time that was once spent parenting is being filled with new hobbies. For this reason, we've chosen to feature The Gardner, a basket for the blooming flower enthusiast, filled with fancy tools, fun seed kits, and some extra goodies.

Once again, visit our Mother's Day selection for some other fun ideas. Baskets with tea, foodie, and stationary themes are all great for this life stage full of exploration and discovery.

The Wyatt (Customizable)
Jar Lid Pattern:
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4) The "Don't Fuss Over Me" Mom

This mom is the hard working lady that doesn't like the spotlight. She would prefer you didn't spend money on her. Instead, her favourite gift of all is quality time with the family. Get her something small and fun that feels personal. If you have the basket delivered to your home, you could even attach a homemade coupon book for family activities. She will be over the moon!

We love The Wyatt as it has a homemade feel. It's a treasure chest with a homemaking twist: the perfect jar for kitchen storage. You can customize the label to make it more personal, and choose from five gorgeous patterns for the lid!

The Bardot (bath)
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5) The Aspiring Mother

Though Mother's Day is a celebration for most, there may be several special women in your life who have been delayed on the journey toward their dream of motherhood. Their struggles may range from dating problems, to mental health, to infertility. This holiday can be difficult, so we encourage you to keep an eye on them and offer words of support.

If you feel that reaching out with a gift would be appropriate and beneficial, we'd recommend something uplifting and nurturing, such as a basket from our self care line. The Bardot shows special care without being excessive.


Who are you celebrating?

What stages of motherhood are you celebrating? Did we miss an important one? Let us know in the comments below. ๐Ÿ˜€ We're obviously obsessing over the expectant mother phase, but we'll be spending our day with a full crew of super moms and grandmas as well.

We hope that you enjoy this holiday Sunday with the important women in your life, whichever stages of motherhood they are in. Remember that the joy of the gift is in the giving. Most importantly gratitude and quality time are the greatest gifts of all...but chocolate is nice too...just ask a mom.


Megan and the Lemon Made Crew

Shop local, be grateful, and live life with zest! ๐Ÿ‹