Introducing: Drizzle Honey

When I was a teenager, I read The Secret Life of Bees and became instantly enthralled with bees and beekeeping. The summer after, giant bumblebees started appearing in my family's basement, which only deepened my fascination with the magnificent creatures.

Years later, and within my first year of marriage, we were presented with an opportunity to babysit a hive and the process has been a delight. Our flow hive is perfect for a backyard gardener. However, traditional hives are infinitely more fascinating and harvesting is a considerable skill.

That's why I was delighted to discover a Calgary company that works with local, traditional beekeepers to produce raw honey products. Drizzle Honey was stared in 2015 by #girlboss and environmental scientist, Aja Horsley. Aja's love for bees and local flavours started when she led a rooftop beekeeping project for SAIT's Culinary and Research department. Read on for my top five things about drizzle honey!


FIVE ZESTY Facts about Drizzle Honey:

1) Single Sourced

Drizzle honey works with and supports local beekeepers. This means they know them and their beekeeping practices and are even familiar with the fields where the bees collect their pollen.

2) Raw & Local

Raw honey is not heated above normal hive temperature. This keeps all the good stuff–pollen, nectar, healthy enzymes, vitamins, and minerals–intact! Consuming local honey has massive health benefits and can even decrease hay-fever and other outdoor allergies.

Drizzle also supports other local businesses, which we find very important. They collaborate with artisans to provide products that compliment (and sometimes even include) Drizzle honey! You can view those here.

3) Seasonal Flavours

Did you know that drizzle has different tastes in different seasons? Drizzle specializes in local flavours. They have a mid-sweet spring mix with tasting notes of chamomile, caramel, and dandelion. We carry the summer honey. It's floral and sweet with tasting notes of wildflower, caramel, and dandelion.


The most healthy, natural, and beautiful from of honey, edible honeycomb comes directly out of the hive. It is sweet and delicious on it's own, and can also be added to bread, ice-cream, or used on a charcuterie board (my fave). Honeycomb is tricky to find and I've never seen in so artistically packaged.

5) Packaging & Design

When I first saw the Drizzle logo, it stopped me in my tracks! The upside down i is subtle but brilliant! It looks just like honey falling from a spoon. I've already mentioned that the Honeycomb presentation is outstanding. The summer honey bottles have the little modern lids that are so trendy right now. You can tell that much love and thought was put into the details. 

Drizzle Honey has everything I look for in products for my baskets: delicious, unique, expertly packaged, and local. If you are as delighted with Drizzle as I am, you can shop the baskets below, or search 'drizzle honey' in the box provided.

🍋With Zest,