A Brand New Look!

The time has come for Lemon Made Designs to step things up with a fresh new web site!


I'll admit, this website overhaul came from necessity: our old site template was out of date and wreaking havoc with the order system. So we decided to fully embrace the need for change.

I'll also admit that in saying "we" I'm really talking about one person: Megan. Though there are several people who help out with the running of Lemon Made Designs, the majority of the business—including blogging and communications—is handled by me. I simply prefer to use the "royal we" when talking about the company as a whole.

Last year marked several major changes in my life. I was married in September and moved into a new home. That means that I'm in the process of transferring offices as well. It's been a slug. Work life balance has completely changed. However, I'm getting more and more settled into the routine of organizing a new home, managing a new relationship, and running a business as well.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and Lemon Made Designs, through these past few months. Behind the scenes, things have been a little crazy. However, we've worked diligently to keep the client side calm and orderly. With the exception of later-than-normal invoicing, we've done pretty well!


Though the website is the largest update, there are still a few changes to come. Most excitingly, we'll be rolling out two new product lines to better fulfill customer requests. Firstly, we'll be starting a line of Parcel Post packages made specifically to withstand the not-so-gentle handling of the postal system. Some of our corporate clients like to mail gifts to other provinces and countries, and we want to extend this option to online retail customers as well.

Next up is a line called Emergency Chocolate. I think the name sums it up nicely. Essentially, customers will be able to order chocolate at any price point they request. We'll pack it fancy and deliver it wherever it's required. 

These lines won't roll out until the middle of the year. This gives us some time to upgrade our existing basket selection. We also need to figure out GST for all the fancy out of province orders. It's a process, but a process we love.

Once again, thank you for your patience, patronage, and willingness to support local businesses! I'll sign off with a photo from my wedding, just for a fun behind the scenes of the main girl behind this Lemony company.

🍋With Zest, 

Photography by  Jesse+Cam

Photography by Jesse+Cam