Chamomile for Jane


Today in 1817, Jane Austen died at 41. She accomplished so much in her short time. Her stories have left their mark on me and countless readers worldwide. To celebrate her life in my own little way, I spend the morning harvesting my first ever batch of chamomile. 

Jane was a modest woman, publishing anonymously during her lifetime. Her novels were simply authored, "By a Lady." Though at the time, that was a bold statement. She also had a refreshing view of the world: writing stories based in every day life that stood out from the widely popular lavish romances of the time. I personally love that, though she led a rather sad and lonely life, she chose relentless optimism by bringing the heroines of her stories to happy and fulfilling ends.


Tea was always a theme in her books as it was a major social custom at the time of their writing. I've read that chamomile was traditionally stored in coloured glass, so I currently have it drying on the windowsill in my best blue pyrex tray.

If you or a dear friend is interested in growing their own tea, there is currently a lavender and verbena 'grow your own tea' starter kit available for purchase on the website. It is the kind of beautiful, delicate gift that any old-souled Jane Austen fan would love!

This is my first experiment with a lifestyle-type post. If it's something you enjoy, please let me know so I can make more of them. If not, I'll stick to product information and shop announcements.

๐Ÿ‹With Zest,